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Updated: Jul 31

The District installation and Assembly “Renaissance” marked a significant milestone for the community. The event brought together esteemed personalities, including DRR Rtr Sailesh, IPDRR Rtr Rohit AVV, Mr Vivek Verma TEDX Curator, Rotarian Bibo Srinivas, PDG Sam Patbandla, District Secretaries Rtr Saiswaroop SK, Rtr Vamshi Vinod Kumar & Rtr Sai Nikhil.

The event was kick started DRR Sailesh led an engaging coffee table conversation, sharing insightful experiences and perspectives. His vision for the district and passion for making a positive impact set the tone for the day ahead.

The installation ceremony symbolized the official induction of the District Assembly. MVR Mohan, District Rotaract Chair administered oath office to Sailesh Proddaturu in the presence of Dr. Busireddy Shanker Reddy, District Governor, Rotary District 3150. The District Council was also administered oath of their respective offices and installed.

Vivek Verma and Rotarian Bibo Srinivas delivered inspiring speeches, emphasizing effective leadership and the power of collective action and PDG Rtn Sam Patbandla's impactful session focused on community engagement and service.

Attendees enjoyed a lunch break, fostering camaraderie and networking. The Breakout sessions with club officers allowed participants to exchange knowledge and best practices, strengthening their leadership skills. And finally the valedictory, The District announcements by Rtr Sai Swaroop SK thanks note by Rtr Vamshi Vinod Kumar expressed gratitude and reflected on the transformative experiences of the day. Attendees were filled with renewed enthusiasm and a deeper understanding of their roles within the District Assembly.

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